6 easy Jobs You Can Do With A Degree In Creative Writing

In this content, you will come to know about the benefits of writing skills. usually Writing is a skill which is used to share stories, to share anyone’s thoughts and to communicate with each other. In the present time, writing skill is compulsory for everyone because it’s a time of social media. Everything you need is available with the one click. Similarly there is lots of jobs opportunity available for the writters as Well. If you want to become a novelist, bloggers or journalist, you must have degree in Creative Writing.

In the past, people used to write diaries but at that time it become a profession. Many famous personalities got famous through their stories and that happened because they told there is the best way. It may be done by a writer. There are lots of job opportunities for writers on the internet which we discuss in this article. Here is list.


1:Ghost writer

Ghostwriter Demand is too high now a Day, Not just for celebrities but also for bloggers. Many of families hire professional ghostwriters for their story writing. Everyone is now busy in his life therefore, they hire some ghostwriters to fileup on their life

A ghostwriter can freelance or work directly for a publisher. Other options include working for an agency that manages the entire ghostwriting process. Ghostwriters may specialize in a particular subject, such as Magazins or children’s books, or they may write on a several topics.

What is Average Salary of a Ghostwriter in US.?

It depends on his writing skills but average salary of a Ghostwriter is 30$ per Hour and 56k$ yearly.

2:Content writer/ Author

in Freelancing, Content writing is the main part of their work as you need high-quality professional articles, and you just need a Quality content writer. Who can write lots of Quality articles for your Blog. Content writer demand is increasing Day by Day because it’s an time taking work. People hire content writter to manage their work and time.

To become a content writer, you’ll need a degree in creative writing as well as knowledge of relevant technology such as desktop publishing software.

What is Miminum Salary of Content writer?

it Could be 20$-100$ for spacific words. Also it Depends on words of content.

If you’re Good in content writing, you may earn 60k$ yearly and it’s an Good amount for anyone.

3:Song Writer

Many popular songs are written from a personal point of view, and a degree can help you develop the skill set you need to produce great songs. If you have the talent to sing a song or play some instruments, you must have degree of creating Writing skill. Some of songs are written by the singers or some of them are written by creative Songwriters.

What is yearly salary of Songwriter?

Songwriters are very popular now a Day. Total incom of a songwriter is 85000$ yearly

4:story writer/ Novel writer

Many of Director or Producer hire some of story writer for their work as Well because they didn’t have enough time. Novel/storywriter must have creative writing degree because for this they must have fluenty in his writing and in his dialogues. Story writting is not an easy task, in this work you have to impress you learners. You must have explain emotions in each and every word.

5:blogger/ Admin

If you are a blogger, creative writing skill are best for your contents and for your future creations. It’s not about just one time work. This may help you in different task like article writting , backlinks and for many other projects on different social media networking. It may also enhance your Productivity in various ways

6:Speech Writer

In politics, a speech writer plays an important role. Leaders and politicians need the best speeches to lead their nations. A speechwriter has emotions in their words. They show their point of view about politics and social issues in their words.

What is Salary of Speech Writer?

Most of speechwriters decide their Salary before their Work. It could be in hours or in yearly.

Speechwriter probably salary is 1.5M Yearly.

Final Thoughts

Creative Writing skill is much easy than any other business, you don’t need to travel for it, but you need to pick heavy-weight things. Just you have to write what you feel better according to the situation.


My name is Urooj Saleem. I am an author on inspothoughts.com. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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