Change Your Brain Change Your Life By Urooj

We all have to face some Good days and Bad too. some days are so colourful, cheerful and amazing. similarly, bad days are full of rough and negative thoughts. what do we have to kick out our negative thoughts? There are a few points, which we discuss today and I Promise at the end of the article you will definitely come to know ” How to change your Mind to Get Comfortable Life” Yes it’s True ” If you change your mind, You can change your Life” here is some major point which everyone has to Follow if he needs a healthy Life style.

  • Refresh Your Mind
  • Take Some Healthy Activities
  • Change Your Routine
  • change Your Friends
  • Talk To Yourself

Refresh Your Mind

What do we have to Refresh our Minds? First, look at yourself. Are you taking Healthy Diet? Are you participating in Health activities? No, if you are feeling sorrow, facing anxiety and depression then How could take part in this kind of activities? we are in this situation the First thing we do is ” We Forgot Our self”

Take a Part in Some Healthy Activities

EveryOne is busy in Earning Money, they forgot their Real Life, the real joys of life. Here are some Healthy activities.

Wakeup Early in the Morning

It’s Good to Do some Yoga or any other Exercise to refresh your Mind.

drink Fresh juice or Cup of Milk with 1 Apple

15-30 mint Walk in Park,

Set up your Goal, Day Task.

prepare yourself that Nothing is impossible.

when you start encouraging yourself, No One can beat your confidence. Start your Day with confidence that “Everything will be AllRight”

change you Routine

if you’re a Night Owl, change your Daily Routine. When you make a habit of waking up early and sleeping on the time it automatically gives you healthy vibes, you feel fresh and healthy. Try to read Books at night it Also gives you Good Sleep.

change your Friends

“Yes, Friends Are Life” if you have positive people around you, your Life becomes a blessing. But with toxic people, your life becomes Negative, Dull and unnecessary. Good friends always give you a positive way of living but Toxic friends or Fake friends drag your life into Hell. They praise in front of you but on your back they start falsely taking about your nature. Get rid from them asap.

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