Pear Deck is an interactive presentation and engagement platform used by educators worldwide to create more engaging and interactive classroom experiences. To get started with Pear Deck, you’ll need a Join Code to access and participate in a Pear Deck session. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain a Pear Deck Join Code from Additionally, we will address frequently asked questions (FAQs) to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process.

Pear Deck is a powerful tool that enhances classroom engagement by allowing teachers to create interactive presentations. Students can join Pear Deck sessions to actively participate in lessons, quizzes, and discussions. To begin your Pear Deck journey, you’ll need a Join Code, which connects you to a teacher’s session. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining a Join Code from

What is Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is an educational technology platform designed to transform traditional slide presentations into interactive and engaging learning experiences. Educators can use Pear Deck to create and deliver lessons that include interactive questions, polls, and discussions. It’s a tool that promotes student engagement, comprehension, and classroom participation.

Why Do You Need a Join Code?

A Join Code is essential for students to access and participate in Pear Deck sessions initiated by their teachers. It acts as a key that unlocks access to the interactive presentation, enabling students to respond to questions, provide feedback, and collaborate in real-time. Without a Join Code, students cannot join the session.

Obtaining a Pear Deck Join Code


To get started, go to, which is Pear Deck’s official website for accessing sessions and obtaining Join Codes.

Creating a Pear Deck Account

If you’re a teacher, you’ll need to create a Pear Deck account. Follow these steps:

  • Click on “Sign Up” or “Log In” on the homepage.
  • Choose “I’m a Teacher” to create a teacher account.
  • Fill in your details, including your name, email, and password.
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your inbox.

Joining a Pear Deck Session

As a student or participant, you don’t need to create an account. Instead, follow these steps to join a Pear Deck session:

  • Visit
  • Enter the Join Code provided by your teacher in the “Enter the Code” field.
  • Click “Join Session.”

Getting the Join Code as a Student

To obtain the Join Code as a student, simply ask your teacher to provide it to you. Teachers generate Join Codes when they start a Pear Deck session, and they can share these codes with their students through various means, such as displaying it on the classroom screen or sharing it digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of a Pear Deck Join Code?

The Join Code serves as a unique identifier for a specific Pear Deck session. It allows students to connect to their teacher’s interactive presentation, participate in activities, and submit responses in real-time.

2. Can I use Pear Deck without a Join Code?

No, a Join Code is required to access and participate in Pear Deck sessions. Without it, you won’t be able to join a specific session initiated by your teacher.

3. How do I access

You can access by opening a web browser and typing into the address bar.

4. Is Pear Deck free for educators?

Pear Deck offers both free and paid plans. Educators can use the free plan to access many basic features. There is also a premium version, Pear Deck Premium, which offers additional features and enhanced functionality.

5. How do I create a Pear Deck presentation?

To create a Pear Deck presentation, log in to your Pear Deck teacher account, and follow the platform’s intuitive presentation creation process. You can use existing PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations and add interactive elements using Pear Deck.

6. What devices are compatible with Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is compatible with various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. It works on web browsers, making it accessible on most modern devices.

7. Can students participate in Pear Deck sessions from home?

Yes, students can join Pear Deck sessions from home or any location with an internet connection. They can enter the Join Code provided by their teacher to access the session remotely.

8. How do I troubleshoot Join Code issues?

If you encounter issues with a Join Code, ensure that you’ve entered it correctly. If problems persist, contact your teacher for assistance. Teachers can generate new Join Codes if needed.


Obtaining a Pear Deck Join Code is the first step to actively participating in engaging classroom activities. Whether you’re a teacher creating interactive presentations or a student eager to join a session, understanding the process of obtaining and using Join Codes is crucial for a successful Pear Deck experience. Remember to refer to the FAQs section for answers to common questions, and explore the world of interactive learning with Pear Deck. Happy teaching and learning!

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