How to Hide Music Sticker On Instagram Story

Struggling with How to Hide Music Sticker On Instagram Story? You are at the right place. Here you will get a step-by-step solution to your problem.

Instagram stories are the most popular platform for quick fame seekers. It was launched by Meta (previously Facebook).
Making Stories gives users quick popularity said by Popular digital marketing experts Like Neil Patel in their posts, and Youtube videos.


This reflects that Instagram Stories is a very popular platform to get engagement for posts, Leads, Fame, product awareness, etc.

Also, there are more Platforms (Youtube shorts, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more) for making stories.

In Instagram adding stories with the Music in background is a lucrative thing. That’s why people use it.

Here comes the challenge, when you add music to the story, the Music name with the logo comes in the middle screen in big size. This blocks the story view.

Here is the simple method to remove it completely from the screen.

How to Hide Music Sticker On Instagram Story?

Follow these easy-to-understand steps:

StepWhat to do
1Squeeze the sticker
2Drag the sticker at the top and then out of the screen. Done!
  1. Squeeze the Music Sticker using two fingers.
  2. Drag it off the screen. Enjoy!

1. Squeeze the Music sticker to remove it from the Instagram story 👌

So Place two fingers on the Instagram story screen. Then Squeeze towards each other.

Hence Squeezing the sticker should make it tiny.

2. Drag the Music sticker off the Screen 🤜

Drag this tiny Music Sticker and bring it to the edge of your phone’s screen and throw it off screen. As shown below.

Now you will no longer see the sticker without losing the music in the Instagram story. Enjoy!

If you still do not understand how to remove the Music sticker in the Instagram story. Then there is a video tutorial below.

How to Hide Music Sticker On Instagram Story?

Steps to remove the music sticker from the Instagram story are:
1. Squeeze the sticker.
2. Drag the sticker at the top and then out of the screen.

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