Inspiration thoughts for Girls by Urooj Saleem is a blog for those who want inspiration in their Life. It’s not only a Blog but also it’s a lifeline for teenage girls.
I m going to share my own stories to inspire the young generation.

When we are living in a society where we have to face social issues. Where we have some restrictions on our living style. Yes, I,m talking about a Teenage Girl’s Life. When they grow up, Our society gives them some restrictions. What are you wearing? Where are you going? Why did you select these subjects? Why you’re not sleeping early? These types of Questions make everyone’s life Hectic. Same with the Girls. 90% of Girls feel anxiety and depression when they find themself alone, where no one gives them what they want!

The Question is “what do they want”?

Yes, they need freedom. Freedom of talk, freedom to select their clothes, and freedom of Selecting their subjects in school. Most of these kinds of rules are in Muslim families, when their daughters grow up, they make some rules for them to avoid what people say but in my opinion, we need to encourage them they must do whatever they want, whatever they wished for because everyone has their way of living.

Most of the Girls lost their confidence in their growing age because of the talks of society. Most of the middle-class families not allowed girls to study in co-education system colleges because they didn’t find it safe for their daughters. But why do we make rules for just girls? Why we didn’t teach our boys to respect girls? Why do we teach girls to be safe? We must teach them to be strong. We must teach them that they can Do whatever they want. If they are muslims they can done their study by covering themselves but we did wrong. We defraud them.

In Conclusion,

I just wanna to say please give them equal rights because they are human first.


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