“There are signs for those of understanding in the alternation of day and night” Ali’Imran: 190

No doubt! Nature is the Most Beautiful creation of God, but we can realize it with the eye of wisdom. Everyone wakes up in the Morning and sleeps at night, but some of them are obsessed with inventing new things in their life.

As usual, with a Cup of Tea, I enjoy the whispering of Birds in the Morning. It’s the spring season, ‘Flowers and Nature Beauty everywhere.’

So, I decided to capture some of the Best scenes of Nature with whom I obsessed.

I want to share it on InspO ThoUghtS because it’s my favourite way to share my Feeling with All 🙂 

These pictures are not very high resolution, but I love them because they are not copies or stolen from anyone. I hope you like it.

By UroOj

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