What is Society Trauma for 90’s Kids?

First of all, these are the generational traumas given by the old generation women, including my great-grandmothers and grandmothers of the old society, which we are suffering today.

Apart from praying and fasting, they are all hypocrites. There is a contradiction in their behavior and actions.

On a daily basis, she pretends that she see off her husband at the door and in the evening also receives according to the protocol, but in the absence of the husband, she sits with all the people of the neighborhood, including the old family, on the same husband. Crates says that those women are oppressed and their husbands are hard-tempered.

She creates fear of father and herself in the hearts of children every day.
And she herself is on the side, she does not give the children the opportunity to be direct with the father every day, so that their mother’s rule remains in this house. These are the same old women who taught the children that if the father comes home, ‘Do not come out from the room.’ in anger Father hits them high. But it’s just a fear created by old women.

These are the great women who used to scare the children every day that when your father comes home, he will beat you and the children would cry and forget what they had said and told their mother those things. These are the women who told the husband that She is serving the joint family but she is not happy with them. She did everything just for the sake of her husband’s happiness

On other hand, she pretend in fornt of their children that they are innocent and their in laws are the cruelty.
She herself did not say anything and made her children do whatever she wanted to do
She used to do all this so that she could prove that she was true and she could not do it herself so she used to do it all to her children.

These are the same women who used to do all these things in the past and became very good wives, but now when their daughters-in-law do all these things, they become strict mothers-in-law.

And after doing all this, she keeps taunting her son day and night for being a martyr. It is not her son’s fault, nor her daughter-in-law’s fault, but her own thinking, and these are the women who themselves. It cannot resolve the affairs of others, but it does not allow the affairs of others to be resolved and makes it worse.

It’s time to get rid of all these old ideas because all these ideas are creating trauma products in today’s generation. All these old ideas are destroying our next generation.

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